Ellen- Photographer, fiancée, dog mum, hippie & blogger


Remember that? It was supposed to be the most magical year of my life. It was the year I was supposed to go full time with my photography business. It was the year I was supposed to marry my soulmate. It was the year I wanted to invest in travelling to new places..

(enter Covid-19 from stage left)

Well, you know how that went.

Fast forward what feels like 3 decades to 2021. I was so convinced this year was going to be better then BAM - new variant. Lockdown 3.0 ensued and I found myself at home, with nothing to do but scroll through Instagram. It then occurred to me that instead of wasting my time scrolling, I could scroll productively. I decided I wanted to start a blog, sharing all the amazing content I had at my fingertips.

Most wedding photographers spent the majority of 2020 photographing styled shoots instead of real weddings (not through choice lol ta' Corona) and the UK wedding blogs were starting to feel the brunt. I was told by one blog that there was a 8 month wait from submission to publication - WHAT?! So I figured I'd do them a favour and create a new blog for you lovely lot to submit to ;D

As a fellow photographer, and bride-to-be, I found that a lot of my inspiration came from instagram and wedding blogs, but there wasn't a (UK) blog that accumulated my preferred style of photography and wedding themes.. so I made one! I love all things boho, retro, modern & chic. It's even better when two or more come together to both juxtapose and compliment one another.

I consider myself an aesthete, which can be described as a person who is appreciative of and sensitive to art and beauty. I am OBSESSED with sunsets, rain on window panes and the way the moon looks different every night. I studied art at school and have always had an eye for visually satisfying stimuli. I am also a self-proclaimed people-watcher. Sociology, which is the study of human relationships, has always been a wonder to me. My love of artistically portrayed human relationships is really the essence behind Two Souls.

It's only just the beginning, but I'm so excited to share all of the love and magic with you!

some of my work..